Patrice (angelw_outwings) wrote in katheta,

Thanks so much, yall!

Thanks so much for the response so far. It's really amazing!

Just wanted to pass this along from my brother:

Thank you so much everyone.

I have been telling people around school that we may recieve assistance from my sisters' college friends, and everyone of them has told me to thank all of them for anything they could give or help with. We really do not have any means of fundraising. True, our high school years will not have been in vain if there is no prom, but it really would mean a whole lot to many many people, especially the graduating seniors.

I was reading the previous comments and I would like to point a few things out. Our school district has 5 schools: high, junior high, and 3 elementaries. One of the elementary schools is totally condemed. One was used a shelter for MANY people, and will take a long time to clean up. All of these schools recieved damage. Although it may seem like through all of this, we would have lost a large percentage of our student body at the high school, we actually have grown, for now we have students from Bay, Waveland, and Pass Christian that are here.

One of my good friends went to a Catholic, all girls school in Bay. She has to come here now, because the only way to get to her school(all in trailers, for it was destroyed) is to go an hour out of the way because there is no more bridge across the bay. In addition, this school and others have lost countless teachers and students, many of which have come to Long Beach.

So you see, to help out in Long Beach, would be to help out people from all over the "west coast", the people that were the hardest hit. Again I thank you, and all of the students and faculty thank you for any help you can give us in this time.

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