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In times of trouble, you lean on your sisters, right?

Hey, girls! I'm so happy to be back in my Theta letters after having been disaffiliated for the past five months (I was a Gamma Chi--rush counselor--for the 2005 Rush Season). I'm proud to say that Epsilon Zeta just pledged (pledge service was last night) about 90 wonderful girls!

With that, I have quite a bit of a plea for you and your chapters...

Think about one of the most memorable events of your high school years: Surely Prom comes to mind for most of you. I'll always remember all the planning and fundraising that went into throwing a night in 2002 that all the juniors and seniors of Long Beach High School would never forget. We all went through it; it's like a rite of passage for high schoolers. Well maybe not, but it's a big deal for them. So I hope you can understand that I've been so excited to help my brother with ideas for fundraisers to help his junior class throw this year's prom (he's VP for his class, and since I was Pr. my year, he always comes to me for ideas and suggestions). Imagine the disappointment in the juniors and seniors faces this year at LBHS when they walked back into school this past Monday (for the first time in about a month) only to find out that this "event-of-all-events" (to the average high school) would not be a reality for them. That's right, no Prom!

Why? Because the administration of the Long Beach School District has decided (with good reason, of course) that the students should not be allowed to fundraise this year. People on the Coast (especially Long Beach, Pass Christian, Bay St. Louis, and Waveland--many cities who have NOT received the media attention, and therefore aid, that bigger cities such as Biloxi, Gulfport, and New Orleans have) are really pressed for money these days, as they are out of homes and work. What they have to give needs to be conserved for survival--and this at the expense of the kids' livelihood.

How great would it be if WE threw these kids a Prom?? And by throw, I mean adopt the junior class of LBHS as a secondary "philanthropy" of sorts and raise the money FOR them so that they could be normal teenagers and throw a Prom!

How special it would be to know that THETA had a part in giving these kids their lives back?!? (And think of all the girls who would just LOVE to be KATs after that ;) ...not that that's the point at all, but gotta plug Theta whenever and wherever, right?! ;) )

..I know this sounds petty, but money is really flowing to help with reconstruction, etc. Let's do something that we can really relate to and really see results from.

It would mean so much to me and to them if we could do this. I think we have the means to make a difference in these kids' lives. Let's please not let this opportunity stand knocking with no answer. (Okay, that was cheesy, but let's please TAKE this opportunity!!)

If your chapter might be interested in helping, I'd be SOO appreciative. I just got word from my brother today, and I have not spoken with our service chair yet, but as she is from New Orleans herself, I'm sure Epsilon Zeta is going to jump into this project with two feet. Besides, Thetas know what it's like to both (a) get all dressed up for a lovely night with great friends and cute boys and (b) help a friend out in a time of need. Now let's show that to the world!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and also for your consideration.

Much TL&M,
Patrice Jones
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